Monday, December 21, 2015

Know about how to crack your Android Pattern Lock

Android devices support different types of locks like pattern lock, knock code, swipe, PIN, password, gesture lock, face lock etc.

Android Pattern Lock is feature which allows user to lock the device  with creating a pattern by joining nine circles in the touch screen. The Pattern dots are numbered from 0-8 which is 9 digits. In most of devices it is mandatory to join at least 4 dots i.e. 4 numbers

First let me say a few words about SHA1 Hash function which is used by android to store the Pattern lock key.

a) Secure Hash Algorithm is a series of algorithms designed by the National Security Agency of USA for cryptographic purposes. There are 4 hash functions namely SHA, SHA1, SHA2, SHA3

b) SHA1 which is second in the series contains 20 byte hash value which is typically a hexadecimal value with 40 characters. Every two characters forms a byte and thus 40 characters consists of 20 bytes

c)  SHA1 is not fully secure and its vulnerable to cryptographic attacks and its easier to decode SHA1 has values

I kindly request you to bear with the links given in this post!!!

To know further read this article in Wikipedia (SHA1)

To know documentation of SHA1 read this page (SHA1 documentation)

Now I am going to explain how to bypass pattern lock in any android phone. This is just for people who would like to explore more with android phones. The following should be kept in mind

1. Kindly note that this method works with ROOTED phones only!!!!!!
2. You need SQLite Browser
3. You need Hexadecimal editor. Either online editor or downloaded software
3. You need SHA1 pattern database

1. First Lock your phone with a pattern. In my LG G3 Beat the option is in Settings->Lock Screen->Pattern
I have locked my phone as 4-7-8-5-2-1-0-3-6

2. You need to root your phone for this. This is mandatory . For rooting and how to enable root explorer in ES file explorer, see this link (Rooting your phone)

3. Open ES task Manager.  Go To Device->Data->System and find gesture.key file.

4.  Copy the gesture.key file to your device memory or SD card. I have copied it to SD card

5. Now its time to do something with your Computer. Either connect your phone to your PC and copy the gesture.key file to your desktop or email it from your phone

6. Now you need hexadecimal editor which can be downloaded free from this link (hexa decimal editor). You can download any other editor other than this

Now you need to open the gesture.key file in the editor

7. Once you open the gesture.key file in the editor it will display the 20 byte hexadecimal hash. Now what you have to do is, copy the 20 byte hexadecimal hash and paste in Notepad or any other word editor and remove the spaces in between. Every two characters forms a byte( therefore 40 characters). Now my hash looks like this


8. Next download SHA1 Pattern (GestureRainbowTable) database from this link ( SHA1 database)

a) Now next step is to download and install SQLite Browser for windows from this link (SQlite Browser).

Open SQLite Browser and open the "GestureRainbowTable" Database (Ctrl+O or File Menu->Open Database)

b) Now in the "Database Structure" tab Right Click on table and select Browse Table

The table will be opened in the "Browse Data" tab. The table will have two columns, "hash" and its corresponding "pattern"

 c) In the hash column paste the 20 byte Hash Code i.e "c526ad03f51992df49df6006b9cf49bd04c784fa" (without quotes). 

d) Once you paste the hash code it will automatically give the corresponding pattern which is [4, 7, 8, 5, 2, 1, 0, 3, 6]

THAT'S ALL !!!!!!! Now you can find that the pattern we obtained from SQLite browser is same as the lock pattern we set up in STEP 1

Thursday, November 5, 2015

How to make best use of Microsoft One Note

Microsoft One Note is program which is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite which is used for taking notes, insert screenshot, record and insert audio and for sharing notes with other people. There are many features which make Onenote a stand out program from the other MS Office programs. Some of the distinguishing features of the one note program are:

1. There is no need to save the notes. It automatically get saved with .one extension

2. You can record audio and video and insert it to the notes

3. You can type anywhere in the document and it is unbounded

4. Pages size can be very large

5. You can insert pictures,bitmaps and use it as printer for printing

6. Password protect a particular note

Apart from the above there are many advanced features available in one note

So, in this post I am going to say about use of one note in extracting text from Images

Sometimes we have an Adobe PDF document from which we need to copy some text, but the document doesn't allow to copy. Else you have picture or image file from which you need to copy some text.
Yes, the best solution is to use the features of Microsoft one note!!!!

Here I will explain how to copy text from an image file.

1. First open the image file in Windows photo viewer from which you need to copy the text.
 I am using an image file which contains a Quote
“The Greatest  Pleasure In Life Is Doing What People Say You Cannot Do”

2. Right click and select copy

3. Open One note (From Run command, type and enter “onenote”) and paste the image in a blank note

4. Select the image and right click and then select “Copy Text from Picture”. And its done. You can now paste the text wherever you want. I have pasted it in Microsoft Word

Note – This feature of copying the text depends upon the image file. There is no 100% percent guarantee that it will be perfect. But most of the time its found to work

Enjoy and find the video below on how to do it!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

How to create 3D parallax images with Google Camera

This post is about how to create 3D parallax images with google camera android app and Depthy

The following are the steps to create a 3D parallax image

1. download and install Google Camera from Play store (Google Camera)

2. Open the Application and select Lens Blur Option. Ensure that this option is selected. Else it wont have any effect

3. Take a picture first and then the camera will ask you to move the phone little upwards. Make sure that you move it very slowly. Else it will say "Device Moved fast"

4. Once its done open the image within the application and it will make the image ready

5. Once its ready, Go and open this photo in depthy

6. Once you open it will process it. Then click the share button and select "Create GIF" option.
You have three size to select. Small, Standard and Large. the size of file depends on size you select

7. Once you select size "Do it" and your GIF will be ready in few minutes depending on file size

8. install some GIF Player app for you mobile and open the GIF file in the app you downloaded

Thats it!!! Over

Here is my video

Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to use your android device in your computer - mirroring

This is a post about how to mirror your android phone to your PC or laptop. so that you can use pc and mobile both at same time. It is very simple and easy to do it and you need to download the following softwares

1. Download Android Debug Bridge from this link (ADB.RAR)
2. Download Droid at screen from this link (Droid at screen)
3. Install Vysor Chrome extension (Vysor Chrome)

Ensure that JAVA is installed in your system

Here are the steps to be followed

1. First step is to enable USB debugging.
    Go to About Phone->Software Info->Build number
    Tap Build number 5 to 7 times until it says developer options enabled
    Now your developer options will be enabled. Go to developer options and enable USB debugging

2. Download ADB rar file and zip in it a folder

3. Download Droid at screen and copy in the same folder as above

4. install Vysor Chrome extension from chrome store

5. Connect your phone in USB debugging mode to your PC or laptop and leave it as it is

6. Open "Droid at screen" java file. Go to "ADB" menu and select "ADB Executable path". Now you select and open the "Adb.exe" file that you have extracted in first step and click ok. My folder is "C:\Users\hp\Desktop\adbb\adb\adb.exe"

7. Now your device will be listed. Mine is LG-D722

8. Now Vysor will automatically mirror your android device.

Thats all and ENJOYYYY IT!!!

Now watch this video which I captured

Monday, October 26, 2015

Some simple windows tips and tricks!!!

Here are some windows tips and ticks which may be useful to everyone

1. How to create run commands for applications and folders

Run command is windows feature which allows you to directly open either a folder or a document which stored in a path. For few programs and folders there is default run command

For example
Folders - Videos,Pictures,Music,Fonts etc.

Now how should you create run commands for which there is no default rum command .. It is very simple to do this.

Example:-Utorrent Application

1. Go to the folder where Utorrent is installed.In mine it is (C:\Users\hp\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent)

Right click Utorrent exe file, Select Send to and select Desktop. That is create a desktop shorcut

2. Now Rename the short cut as what you want as this will be the run command. I am renaming it as UT which would be simple

3. Copy this shortcut file and paste it in C:\Windows folder. Now when you paste it displays a window saying "You'll need to provide administrator permission to copy the folder". Just click continue and it will be copied

4. Now its finished. From run command (Win key + R), type "UT" and your program will be launched

These steps apply the same for Folders also. But be careful that few folders and applications have default run command and make sure that the short cut you create has a name which is different from default names

2. How to clear run command history

Now if there is way to type run commands, then there is a way to clear the history. Its very simple.

1. Any where on the task bar, right click and select properties

2. It will open Task bar and start menu properties. Go to Start Menu tab

3. Deselect the

a) Store and display recently opened programs in the Start Menu
b) Store and display recently items programs in the Start Menu and task bar

4. Now open run command and you will see that you commands have been erased

3. How to copy files from one path to another path using Command Prompt. 

The most used way to copy and paste files is Ctrl+C from source folder and Ctrl+V in Destination folder. But there is another simple way to copy and paste whole folder from one path to another in command prompt. This ensures you do not cancel the copy and paste operation in normal method or the system hangs suddenly

1. Click Start Button and search for CMD. Right Click CMD and select "Run as administrator". A pop up will appear and select "Yes". This will open the Command prompt in administrator mode. Type CD\ and press enter and it will go to Root folder (in my case its "C Drive")

2. Now properly know the source and destination paths to copy and paste the folder. for example in mine

Source - C:\Users\hp\Desktop\testdisk
Destination - D:\Software\Testdisk

3. Now Type this command in Command

xcopy C:\Users\hp\Desktop\testdisk D:\Software\Testdisk /s /e /w /h

Now what are these /s /e and /w. These are nothing but options to copy a file

/s - copy folder and its sub folders
/e - copy folders and its sub folders and also hidden folders (Note /s is not required in this case)
/w - it ask you for each and every file whether to copy or not

There are many other options available. But these are most important of them

4. Once you press enter the files will be copied and it will show the files which are copied succesfully

!!!!Note :- In case the folder have spaces in between, then you need to do one small change in command. Just add open and close quotes (") in the command

xcopy C:\Users\hp\Desktop\"ab cd" D: /e /h


Saturday, October 24, 2015

How to boost or increase your android mobiles volume beyond maximum limit

Do you want to boost your phones speaker aand headphone volumes. Yea you can do it.But you need to be careful while doing. There are two reasons why I am saying it.

First increasing volume limit beyond a certain limit may damage your ears and your phones speaker and your headphone

Second you need to make changes in root directory which should be done carefully

So now lets start with it. What you need only one free software called ES FILE EXPLORER which you can download from play store

And yes need root access also. So download king root from any site and it root your phone easily

So these are the steps

1. Open ES file explorer in your android mobile. In left side navigate down to Root explorer. Enable it first

After enabling root explorer tap it once and you will get a pop up menu. Select Mount R/W
once you select it will open another pop up and

2. Now open device folder and navigate to SYSTEM->ETC folder. There you will find mixer_paths.xml. Open the file in ES FILE EDITOR


3. Now you have search for the string which stores headset and speaker volumes. In most of Mobiles for speaker the value will be 88 and for headset it will 16. So navigate until end of the document and you will find a string RX3 Digital volume under "speaker" or "Lineout" path name(Note for each phone the path name may be different. Since mine is LG g3 Beat it is lg-irrc-lineout as in screenshot)
the default value will be 88. You can change it to any value but NOT BEYOND 95. If you go beyond 95 your speakers may get damaged. I recommend strongly to follow this at YOUR OWN RISK.

Similarly for headphone scroll up from the speaker path name and you find a pathname "Headphone" (In my phone it is "tty-headphone-lite"). Now you need to  change values for "HPHL" and "HPHR" Volume. By default it will be 16 for both. Now change it any value NOT BEYOND 20 . Iy you go beyond 20 it will damage your ear and your headphones also. I recommend strongly to follow this at YOUR OWN RISK

4. NOW save the XML document and reboot your phone. That's it your speaker and headphone should have expanded the volume as you specifed.

I hope it works for you. But it worked for me very well

!!!!!!!! AGAIN I strongly recommend caution and I am not responsible for any damage and its entirely at your own risk

Thursday, October 22, 2015

How to read your/others encrypted whatsapp messages

You may think is it possible to read Whatsapp messages from the encrypted database file. Yes it possible in many ways. Here I will explain one of the ways to decrypt and read the whatsapp messages

You will need the following software for decrypting and reading messages

1. King Root for providing Root access (King Root download link)
2. ES file explorer (ES File explorer from Play Store)
3. Whatsapp Viewer (Whatsapp Viewer Download Link)
4. SQLITE (SQLITE Download Link)

1. Download and install King Root for providing root access. King root will automatically detect whether your device is rooted or not. You need internet while rooting the device. even if it fails, you don't need to worry try two or three times.

 Once rooted you need to provide root authorisation to ES file manager. Click on allow button to allow root access

2. Download and install EF file explorer from play store. Once you install ES file explorer open to app . You need to enable root explorer

Once you enable Root explorer. you need to open the following folder


Now open the files folder and you find a KEY file. Now you have to copy this file to some folder in your external SD card because root folder will not be accessible when Mobile is connected to your PC or laptop

Now i have copied the Key file to external SD card

3.Now the next step is to look for you whatsapp message database file

you find it in Storage->Emulated->0->Whatsapp->Databases
simply go to you internal memory and find the whatsapp folder. Find the latest backup which you have and copy it to the same folder where you copied the key file. Ensure that your backup file is in db.crypt8 or db.crypt7 file format

4. Now connect your mobile to your PC in USB mass storage mode. Copy the key file and your message database file into some folder in your PC for your convenience

5. Download Whatsapp viewer from the link i mentioned and extract it the same folder as mentioned above

6. Now open whatsapp viewer and go to File menu and select "Decrypt .crypt8" option.

Select the Database file and KEy file from the folder where you copied them

Once you click "OK" a meesage will be displayed "database decrypted to file "msgstore.decrypted.db". The file will be present in the same folder in which you have to key file

7. Now next step is to open the decrypted database file msgstore.decrypted.db
Go to file menu and select Open option and open the db file

8. Now its over, once you click Okay button your whatsapp messages will be opened in the whatsapp viewer.

Great isn't. Of course great.


1. The messages displayed in the whatsapp viewer will depend on the backup you select. Even deleted messages will be displayed in whatsapp viewer

2. Suppose you have lots of chat data. You can even search chat message by searching with phone number

3. SOMETIMES there will be problem when you open decrypted database file.. if you have any such problems please feel free to comment for my post or send a mail to my ID - or