Friday, October 30, 2015

How to create 3D parallax images with Google Camera

This post is about how to create 3D parallax images with google camera android app and Depthy

The following are the steps to create a 3D parallax image

1. download and install Google Camera from Play store (Google Camera)

2. Open the Application and select Lens Blur Option. Ensure that this option is selected. Else it wont have any effect

3. Take a picture first and then the camera will ask you to move the phone little upwards. Make sure that you move it very slowly. Else it will say "Device Moved fast"

4. Once its done open the image within the application and it will make the image ready

5. Once its ready, Go and open this photo in depthy

6. Once you open it will process it. Then click the share button and select "Create GIF" option.
You have three size to select. Small, Standard and Large. the size of file depends on size you select

7. Once you select size "Do it" and your GIF will be ready in few minutes depending on file size

8. install some GIF Player app for you mobile and open the GIF file in the app you downloaded

Thats it!!! Over

Here is my video

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