Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to use your android device in your computer - mirroring

This is a post about how to mirror your android phone to your PC or laptop. so that you can use pc and mobile both at same time. It is very simple and easy to do it and you need to download the following softwares

1. Download Android Debug Bridge from this link (ADB.RAR)
2. Download Droid at screen from this link (Droid at screen)
3. Install Vysor Chrome extension (Vysor Chrome)

Ensure that JAVA is installed in your system

Here are the steps to be followed

1. First step is to enable USB debugging.
    Go to About Phone->Software Info->Build number
    Tap Build number 5 to 7 times until it says developer options enabled
    Now your developer options will be enabled. Go to developer options and enable USB debugging

2. Download ADB rar file and zip in it a folder

3. Download Droid at screen and copy in the same folder as above

4. install Vysor Chrome extension from chrome store

5. Connect your phone in USB debugging mode to your PC or laptop and leave it as it is

6. Open "Droid at screen" java file. Go to "ADB" menu and select "ADB Executable path". Now you select and open the "Adb.exe" file that you have extracted in first step and click ok. My folder is "C:\Users\hp\Desktop\adbb\adb\adb.exe"

7. Now your device will be listed. Mine is LG-D722

8. Now Vysor will automatically mirror your android device.

Thats all and ENJOYYYY IT!!!

Now watch this video which I captured

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