Monday, October 26, 2015

Some simple windows tips and tricks!!!

Here are some windows tips and ticks which may be useful to everyone

1. How to create run commands for applications and folders

Run command is windows feature which allows you to directly open either a folder or a document which stored in a path. For few programs and folders there is default run command

For example
Folders - Videos,Pictures,Music,Fonts etc.

Now how should you create run commands for which there is no default rum command .. It is very simple to do this.

Example:-Utorrent Application

1. Go to the folder where Utorrent is installed.In mine it is (C:\Users\hp\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent)

Right click Utorrent exe file, Select Send to and select Desktop. That is create a desktop shorcut

2. Now Rename the short cut as what you want as this will be the run command. I am renaming it as UT which would be simple

3. Copy this shortcut file and paste it in C:\Windows folder. Now when you paste it displays a window saying "You'll need to provide administrator permission to copy the folder". Just click continue and it will be copied

4. Now its finished. From run command (Win key + R), type "UT" and your program will be launched

These steps apply the same for Folders also. But be careful that few folders and applications have default run command and make sure that the short cut you create has a name which is different from default names

2. How to clear run command history

Now if there is way to type run commands, then there is a way to clear the history. Its very simple.

1. Any where on the task bar, right click and select properties

2. It will open Task bar and start menu properties. Go to Start Menu tab

3. Deselect the

a) Store and display recently opened programs in the Start Menu
b) Store and display recently items programs in the Start Menu and task bar

4. Now open run command and you will see that you commands have been erased

3. How to copy files from one path to another path using Command Prompt. 

The most used way to copy and paste files is Ctrl+C from source folder and Ctrl+V in Destination folder. But there is another simple way to copy and paste whole folder from one path to another in command prompt. This ensures you do not cancel the copy and paste operation in normal method or the system hangs suddenly

1. Click Start Button and search for CMD. Right Click CMD and select "Run as administrator". A pop up will appear and select "Yes". This will open the Command prompt in administrator mode. Type CD\ and press enter and it will go to Root folder (in my case its "C Drive")

2. Now properly know the source and destination paths to copy and paste the folder. for example in mine

Source - C:\Users\hp\Desktop\testdisk
Destination - D:\Software\Testdisk

3. Now Type this command in Command

xcopy C:\Users\hp\Desktop\testdisk D:\Software\Testdisk /s /e /w /h

Now what are these /s /e and /w. These are nothing but options to copy a file

/s - copy folder and its sub folders
/e - copy folders and its sub folders and also hidden folders (Note /s is not required in this case)
/w - it ask you for each and every file whether to copy or not

There are many other options available. But these are most important of them

4. Once you press enter the files will be copied and it will show the files which are copied succesfully

!!!!Note :- In case the folder have spaces in between, then you need to do one small change in command. Just add open and close quotes (") in the command

xcopy C:\Users\hp\Desktop\"ab cd" D: /e /h


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