Thursday, November 5, 2015

How to make best use of Microsoft One Note

Microsoft One Note is program which is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite which is used for taking notes, insert screenshot, record and insert audio and for sharing notes with other people. There are many features which make Onenote a stand out program from the other MS Office programs. Some of the distinguishing features of the one note program are:

1. There is no need to save the notes. It automatically get saved with .one extension

2. You can record audio and video and insert it to the notes

3. You can type anywhere in the document and it is unbounded

4. Pages size can be very large

5. You can insert pictures,bitmaps and use it as printer for printing

6. Password protect a particular note

Apart from the above there are many advanced features available in one note

So, in this post I am going to say about use of one note in extracting text from Images

Sometimes we have an Adobe PDF document from which we need to copy some text, but the document doesn't allow to copy. Else you have picture or image file from which you need to copy some text.
Yes, the best solution is to use the features of Microsoft one note!!!!

Here I will explain how to copy text from an image file.

1. First open the image file in Windows photo viewer from which you need to copy the text.
 I am using an image file which contains a Quote
“The Greatest  Pleasure In Life Is Doing What People Say You Cannot Do”

2. Right click and select copy

3. Open One note (From Run command, type and enter “onenote”) and paste the image in a blank note

4. Select the image and right click and then select “Copy Text from Picture”. And its done. You can now paste the text wherever you want. I have pasted it in Microsoft Word

Note – This feature of copying the text depends upon the image file. There is no 100% percent guarantee that it will be perfect. But most of the time its found to work

Enjoy and find the video below on how to do it!!!!