Monday, June 6, 2016

VLC - A great software to download Youtube Videos easily

VLC is one of the Media player which many hidden capabilities and one of them is to download YouTube videos in a very simple way. Follow these steps to download your favorite videos from YouTube

1. Open the YouTube video you want to download and copy the link. Here I am gonna download video of "Top 10 Moments in cricket in 2015" (Video)

2. Open VLC Player and Press Ctrl+N or go to Media->Open Network Stream and enter the URL of the video and click Play

3. The video will start playing like this

4. Now Press Ctrl+J or Go to Tools->Codec Information. This will open codec information. Now you need to copy the link which is provided in "Location" box in the bottom of Codec Information tab
Now Right click and Select All. Again Right Click and Copy.

5. Now the last step, go to Google chrome or any other Download manager.

If you are gonna download in Chrome, just paste the link in chrome and it will play the video. Just right click and select "Save Videos as" and download the file


 you are gonna download in Download manager like Free Download Manager, just add a new download and paste this link. Thats all.

Yay, you have downloaded the video from the video from YouTube in a simple way.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How to use Excel Data import to see scores and share prices

Microsoft Excel is a great utility which helps in various ways. One of the in built features of Excel is the data import from Web, Access, Text and from various other sources like SQL etc.

Now I am going explain how to use Data Import from Web feature to see cricket scores. I found of this when I was in internship so that I can watch cricket scores in EXCEL without opening web browser.

However you must note that this method may work only with few sites. For Example, it works with CRICBUZZ and may not work with CRICINFO

Here are the steps involved:-

1. Open Microsoft Excel

2. Go to Data Menu and in the "Get External Data" section, select "From Web" or short cut key is "ALT + A + F + W"

3. A new browser window will open and enter the URL of the website from which you need fetch the scores . I've selected South Africa Vs England Score board from the www, (South Africa vs England). Then Hit "Enter" or Click "Go"

Note:- Most often you will get "Script Error" window. If you get it, then Select "Yes" and proceed

4.  Now you need to click the Right arrow button in the screen which allows you to select which part of the page needs to be imported. You can select arrow buttons one by one or select the entire page

After selecting the required arrows, click import.

5. Once you click Import button, excel will fetch the date and will ask you to select the cell to which the data should be imported. Select the cell of your choice. I have Selected $A$1

6. That's all, now the scores are fetched from the website and you can scroll down the excel sheet to look at the scores

7. To refresh the scores in Data Menu, Connections sections, click "Refresh All" or shortcut key is "ALT + A + R + A"

You can see that scores get automatically refreshed.

You can even have a macro to automate refreshing of scores

a. First Go to Excel Options (ALT + T + O), then Trust Center Tab, select Trust Center Settings

b. A new Trust Center settings windows will be opened. In Macro Settings Tab, Select "Enable All Macros" and click Ok. Now your macros are enabled

c. Once Macros are enabled, now its time to create a new macro. Go to View Menu, Macros and
select "Record Macro" or Shortcut key is "ALT + W + M + R". Give a name for the Macro for example "Refresh". Click Ok and your macro will start recording now

d. Now you need to record an action for the macro to work. i.e. you must record the "refresh all" action. So, once you click Ok in previous step (i.e. step "c" above ), Go to Data Menu and in Connections section, select "Refresh all". After this again go to View Menu and in Macro Section, select "Stop Recording"

Now your macro has recorded the refresh all action.

e. Now we need to embed this macro to a shape, so that we can click the shape whenever we want to refresh scores. Go to Insert menu and then insert a shape . for example, rectangle.

f.  Now right Click on the Shape and select "Assign a macro". Select the "Refresh" macro and click Ok. Now if you hover your mouse on the rectangle, it will change as a button.
You can even give a name for the button. Right click the rectangle button and select "Edit Text". Add text you want. For example "Refresh"

That's all. Now whenever you click that button, the score will automatically refreshed!!!!!