Monday, June 6, 2016

VLC - A great software to download Youtube Videos easily

VLC is one of the Media player which many hidden capabilities and one of them is to download YouTube videos in a very simple way. Follow these steps to download your favorite videos from YouTube

1. Open the YouTube video you want to download and copy the link. Here I am gonna download video of "Top 10 Moments in cricket in 2015" (Video)

2. Open VLC Player and Press Ctrl+N or go to Media->Open Network Stream and enter the URL of the video and click Play

3. The video will start playing like this

4. Now Press Ctrl+J or Go to Tools->Codec Information. This will open codec information. Now you need to copy the link which is provided in "Location" box in the bottom of Codec Information tab
Now Right click and Select All. Again Right Click and Copy.

5. Now the last step, go to Google chrome or any other Download manager.

If you are gonna download in Chrome, just paste the link in chrome and it will play the video. Just right click and select "Save Videos as" and download the file


 you are gonna download in Download manager like Free Download Manager, just add a new download and paste this link. Thats all.

Yay, you have downloaded the video from the video from YouTube in a simple way.

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